Launch of Xbox Kinnect

December 2011 saw the launch of the Xbox Kinnect. With plenty of excitement and buzz around the game and the unique techniques the game had, IceAct were approached to supply and choreograph routines for a syncro team and a principle skater to help promote the Kinnect game at the Natural History Museum.

Also performing on the evening was X-factors Leona Lewis and The Wanted, who were to sing while our skaters performed routines that complimented the dance game. The event was broadcast live to New York and was a huge success!

View IceAct Productions catwalk show on ice presents UK’s first ever catwalk show on ice!

Canary Wharf Show

Canary Wharf ice rink launch.

Wizard of Oz

IceActs gives the classic Wizard of Oz a modern twist!

Launch of Xbox Kinnect

Xbox approach IceAct to launch the Kinnect at the Natural History Museum.


The on-ice Michael Jackson tribute show Chiller proved to be a huge success.

The Tale of the Christmas Thief

IceAct prodcue a Christmas spectacular in Kitzbuhel, Austria.